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Sacramento Wedding Photographer - Orlando Dalisay Photography

My life behind the camera:

I was born in a small city called Mountain View, CA where I grew up with a sister and a caring family. I have two wonderful kids, and a beautiful wife who also shares my interest in Photography. I love mornings at the beach, Hawaiian songs, Traveling, Chinese food and old Ninja Movies. My interest in art had hit me while in college. The understanding of it components and technique astounded me. Not to mention the relief from stress it creates.

I’ve always enjoyed “People Watching”. I notice the differences in a person’s appearance; the way they held themselves seemed to tell a story about that individual. The emotions displayed and the differences in personality. I believe that everyone has an interesting aspect to them. Whether it is their sense of humor, their life story, or their accomplishments. My past clients all had special stories or aspects of their life. The 3 month old with 3 heart surgeries, the competitors at the special Olympics, and the old man with every wrinkle in his face that tells a story in his life. My goal is to capture, help tell your story and to help preserve your memories.

Capturing your wedding day:
The atmosphere of a Wedding day intrigues me. The bride looks gorgeous, the groom is full of emotion, they are both surrounded by their families and friends. Not to mention the laughter, the tears, and the excitement. To be part of a Wedding day means a lot to me.

Separate yourself!
My past clients know me as the photographer that goes out on a limb. I tend to enjoy photo shoots that allow me to create pieces of art that is unique to my subject’s personality. We may get dirty, wet and messy. Just be sure to bring extra clothes!

Some people believe that people are born a second time. The introduction into Photography had opened new doors and a new perspective to life. I had grown with a new meaning and purpose with an intention to surround myself with positive people that are in line with where I want to go.

Special Thanks:

To my dad, who continuously had the most brilliant business ideas. Who tried over and over to plant a seed that would someday grow into something big.

To my Grandmother who taught me to stay on track

To my Grandpa who had shown me the beauty of technology and aviation

To my loving wife who believed in me; who is there during those late nights and those times where she sacrificed her well-being (Uh Hummm….Fell into Skatepark Pool)

Orlando Dalisay Photography
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